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  • I / Our company hereby acknowledge that the Products are solely created, developed, managed, updated and controlled by Microsoft, and that Global Call has no access or part in the creation, development, management, updating or control of the Products whatsoever and that Global Call’s sole role is only that of a re-seller of the Products. I / Our company further acknowledges that it will enter into one or more agreements as a pre-condition before the Customer’s use of the Products, including a Microsoft Cloud Agreement with Microsoft Regional Sales Corporation, which will govern the use of the Products and the relationship between Microsoft and the Customer, and which provides the Customer contractual remedies in certain circumstances. Global Call shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, damage, costs, expenses, penalties, compensation or payment of monies whatsoever arising from the Customer’s use of the Products. I / Our company hereby indemnifies Global Call against (i) all claims, demands, actions, suits, proceedings, judgements, or orders brought against Global Call; and (ii) all damages, losses, expenses, costs and liabilities which Global Call may suffer or incur; as a direct or indirect consequence of the Customer’s breach of this Agreement or the Customer’s misuse of the Products.
  • I / Our company understand(s) and agree(s) that the services provided to me/us will be subject to Microsoft Cloud Agreement, Global Call Limited’s Terms & Conditions and Website Access Terms & Conditions provided on Global Call Limited Website : .
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