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About Us

Global Call Limited is a licensed ETS (External Telecommunications Services) provider in Hong Kong. Our focused business is to provide high quality and low cost IDD services to retail and business customers. We operate our own carrier-grade telecommunications switching facility and the IT systems necessary to deliver these services.

Our account managers are supported by a dedicated customer service team. To ensure service continuity, each business customer is assigned a specific account manager who is responsible for ensuring that all of its needs are met. Account managers also make sure that customers are kept up to date with the latest Global Call products.


High Quality Product


Our investment in carrier-grade equipment supported by SunTM, CISCOTM and HPTM equipment for our operating infrastructure.

We operate our technologies using international signalling protocols as adopted by countries like the United States, United Kingdom and Australia. We use lines directly connected to Tier One Carriers and we maintain excess bandwidth to ensure fast, clear, quality availability.

This investment in quality technology ensures that customers will not be faced with the inconvenience of sub-standard lines and associated issues such as distortion, slow connections, echoes, drop-outs, or similar problems.

Global Call Limited also uses a stand-alone system that constantly scrutinizes our Call Detail Records (CDR) system and billing system so that our customers have confidence in all aspects of their dealings with us.

Professional Customer Services


At Global Call we pride ourselves on setting the industry standard in quality service. Our account managers are supported by a dedicated customer service team, as well as the technology needed to provide a world-class service.
To ensure service quality we offer the following as a minimum standard:

  1. A specific account manager for every business customer. This ensures continuity in service, with one person taking responsibility for your needs.
  2. Your account manager will keep you up to date with the latest products.
  3. Our system can monitor your daily usage to help you manage every-day telecommunication costs with features including geographic bars, calling limits, pin codes, phone registration and mid-cycle usage enquiries.
  4. Our monthly bills are available physically or electronically in several formats.
  5. We can facilitate easier dialling and cost control with the installation of a global-dialler system.
  6. Customer service access is available 365 days of the year.

Our service standard means that you have access, prompt response and peace of mind.

Quality Global Coverage


Global Call is a true supplier of international IDD services. We offer fast, efficient, high quality and low-cost connections around the world to the major markets of Americas, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia Pacific and China, as well as other less frequently called countries, marine and satellite destinations.

Additionally, we retain bandwidth in excess of our needs at any given time, which ensures that capacity is always available, even in times of local or world crises.

All this means, that when it really matters, and when you really need to get your business message through, you can reply on Global Call.

Tailor-made Communication Solutions


Global Call aims to provide the most cost effective and reliable communication solutions specific to customers’ individual or business needs. Our packages are designed to give any company a competitive edge.

Our wide range of product packages which cover IDD, Mobile, SMS, Conference Call and Office 365 services are guaranteed to maximise business productivity and functionality.

In order to fulfil customers’ budgets, we conduct full audit of customers’ communication schemes to ensure the correct systems and packages are in place.

Global Call guarantees support and promises to get clients problems resolved by all means. We are dedicated to ensuring all communication needs of our customers are taken care of.


  • 2017

    Corporate with Microsoft to launch Office365 Cloud services.

  • 2013

    Launched mobile service and smartphone sales.

  • 2009

    Provide IPLC, MPLS, VPN, DIA services to SME and International Corporations.

  • 2008

    Launched SMS service.

  • 2005

    Launched video conferencing service.

  • 2004

    Launched Global Call Forwarding product.

  • 2003

    Provide SARS package. Pushed Consumer Council and OFTA for improved practices in the calling card market.

  • 2002

    Connected in excess of 1 million minutes of HK IDD calls in a month for the first time. Carrier Grade Excel 2000 Switch installed.

  • 2001

    Global Call launched in Hong Kong.


With our trustworthy partners and suppliers, Global Call Limited provides excellent and wide-range services in Hong Kong.

China Mobile

China Mobile

Citic Telecom International

Citic Telecom International



PCCW Global

PCCW Global






Global Call online customer service is available for registered customers at www.1557.com.

If you are already a Global Call customer and require access to www.1557.com, please contact our customer service by calling at:

Telephone : +852 2915 1557
Email : info@globalcall.com.hk
Office Hour : Mon to Fri (9am - 6pm)
Address : 11/F, Li Po Chun Chambers, No. 189 Des Voeux Road Central, Hong Kong