Call Forwarding Service User Guide

Global Call Forwarding is a simple and convenient way to satisfy your roaming needs. By forwarding your Hong Kong number to an overseas telephone number via a forwarding number provided by Global Call Limited, you can receive calls flexibly in any part of the world without paying expensive roaming charges.

Call Forwarding

Before Departure

Activate the "Divert All Calls" function of your mobile phone and forward all incoming calls to 3062 1288.
Alternatively, you can press [**21*] [3062 1288] [#] [send]. If you forget to forward all incoming calls to 3062 1288 before departing Hong Kong, you can press [**21*] [+852 3062 1288] [#] [send] after arrival of your destination.
Remarks: Your mobile phone must have roaming feature.

Before Departure

Set / Change Destination Number

There are easy steps to change the international number at your destination. This can be accessed in Hong Kong or whilst travelling.

  1. Call 852 3060 0788
  2. English - Press 3
  3. Enter your registered mobile phone number then press [#]
  4. Enter your 4-digit PIN, then press [#]
  5. To change your call forward number, please press [1]
  6. Enter country code + area code + phone number, then press [#]
  7. Set Global Call Forwarding Number, and press [1] to confirm

All incoming calls from your Hong Kong mobile will be forwarded to your designated China, overseas fixed or mobile number.

After Arrival

Insert your China or Overseas SIM card into your mobile phone so as to receive calls from Hong Kong.

After Arrival

After Returning to Hong Kong

Cancel the "Divert All Calls" function of your mobile phone or press [##21#] [send].
For more information, please refer to the guideline of call forwarding service.

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